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Board of Directors & Advisory Board Members


Raccoon Valley Centre for the Arts

Maureen Fialkov

- Board Member/May 2016 - member of The Des Moines Women's Club of Hoyt Sherman.

Karina S Levy, LMT

- Co-Founder/Acting Board Chairperson - Director of Children's Programing & Therapeutic Services; Professional Licensed Massage Therapist.

Jonathon Levy

- Co-Founder/Executive Director - Ballet Master - former member of The International Dance Council CID/UNESCO; Professional Chef; Author, and Rabbi - Shomer Kashrut & Mashgiach Ruhani.


Jean-Paul Comelin

- Honorary Emeritus Member & Advisor/November 2015 - Former Premier Danseur of Paris Opera Ballet & Former Artistic Director of Ballet du Nord/France; Ballet Arizona/Phoenix, USA; Milwaukee Ballet/USA and International Choreographer.

Chase D Levy

- Board Member - Professional Musician/Acting-Director of Music [currently on hiatus].

Matt Kinsinger

- Advisory Board Member, since 2015 - Former Professional Golfer - PGA-Qualifier Western States/Pepsi Tour; professional Financial Advisor.

Michael Beck

- Advisory Board Member, since 2015 - Pastoral Counselor for the U.S. Dept. of Federal Corrections.

Official CPA of RVCA - open position

Official Financial Officer of Fund-Raising - open position


If you would be interested in becoming an Advisor and/or serving on our Board of Directors, Please contact our Executive Director and you will be given the information necessary to engage in the vetting process.

Certain financial, social and/or professional credentials are required for the commitment levels that exist for Advisory and Board acceptance. Thank you for your interest in Supporting Raccoon Valley centre for the Arts. 

All applicable Public Disclosure Documents pertaining to our 501(c)(3) Tax-Exempt Status will be posted here as necessary.

If something you need does not appear here,

Please email us at:

Federal IRS, and State Regulations require Public Disclosure of certain Documents and Information for All Non-Profit Organizations. Including: Revenue Reports for Federal IRS Tax-Exempt Status (IRS Form 990), State Biennial Reports, as well as a Donor/Donation list of Financial Supporters, (whether donations are In-Kind or Cash-Value), All Solicited Funds for Businesses/Corporations, Individuals, Foundations and/or Grant Agencies are generally considered Open for Public Inspection. Therefore, if you require information that is not listed on this page, or through a link; Please bring it to our attention and we will either post it, or send you a copy of the necessary documentation. Thank you.

Raccoon Valley Centre for the Arts is a Non-Profit Arts & Humanities Education Service Organization. Incorporated in the State of Iowa with Federal 501(c)(3) IRS Tax-Exempt Status. RVCA, and its Affiliate Subsidiaries, are Non-discriminatory in employment opportunities, and for any/all services offered. RVCA programing and affiliate services, may have requirements (by Law), and/or necessary conditions for participation, such as: specific training or specialized skill development in order to participate, prevent injuries; maintain professional standards, and/or allow and enable progress of individuals in group participation settings. Therefore, while some restrictions upon participation might be necessary (and/or prudent) due to the specificity of a required activity, all services and educational opportunities are provided to the community at-large regardless of race, creed, color, ethnicity, gender, sexual-orientation, and/or socio-economic situation. 

Raccoon Valley Centre for the Arts' Articles of Incorporation are available for inspection upon request.

Our Non-Profit Incorporation, and all State related filings are available from the Iowa Secretary of State.

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Raccoon Valley Centre

for the Arts

501(c)(3) Tax-Exempt Letter of Determination from the IRS