You can assist us in bringing Health to the Heartland!

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Raccoon Valley Massage Centre is a non-profit subsidiary of Raccoon Valley Centre for the Arts.

We offer the art of massage as a personal-care therapeutic service, therefore your service is listed with a recommended/suggested donation price.

All tips are considered donations, and as such, you can help the Massage Centre in its efforts to provide massage care for the underserved Iowans that need therapeutic care due to medically diagnosed necessities, and/or circumstances of financial need.  Through your generosity, RVMC will be able to provide in-home massage care to Iowans in-need of therapeutic massage services, such as: those who have been diagnosed with ALS (aka Lou Gehrig's disease), or other debilitating conditions; the Elderly, and Low-Income persons/families.

Please consider the great service you can do for another by giving something extra, whether it is an individual donation, or part of your treatment session.

Thank you for assisting us in bringing Health to the Heartland!


RVMC Services

Fees may vary and are based upon a Suggested Donation price that is compared with Industry standards, The actual cost of providing the listed service/s might vary. Your fee can be altered according to your situation, however please consider making a donation above these minimum costs so that we can provide services to those in need of therapy and are limited in resources. Thank you!     



Fee-based Minimum Suggested Donation 

30 Minute Customized Therapeutic Massage

Please Contact RVMC regarding All Donation Amounts &/or Applicable Fees...

Thank you!

60 MinuteCustomized Therapeutic Massage
90 MinuteCustomized Therapeutic Massage
120 MinuteCustomized Therapeutic Massage
CuppingCustomized Therapeutic Session
60 MinuteHot Stone Massage
90 MinuteHot Stone Massage


AromatherapyYour Choice of Essential Oils: Lavender, Eucalyptus, Peppermint, or ask about our Seasonal Essential Oils  Please Add on: $
Salt Foot ScrubYour Choice of: Lavender, Peppermint/Rosemary, or Ecalyptus/SprucePlease Add on: $

If you are a Military Veteran please present your ID for an additional discount, and

Thank you for Your Service!