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Instructors at The Ballet Training Centre are all Former Professional Dancers, who have trained and learned to instruct students.

Our Founding Directors are themselves, Parents, and have shared in the experiential understanding of the process that children grow through in order to "follow-their-dreams!"

Whether Your Student is an Enthusiast, dancing for the "fun-of-it," or is an Aspirant, who desires to go to college, or dreams of becoming a professional performing artist, our instructors are dedicated to providing your child an educational experience of excellence, with a thoughtful concern for their development as a whole person.

The point of Training is not "to make someone do or become something," yet Training is the act of preparing someone properly, providing them the tools to seize the opportunities of becoming something - when that "something" presents itself... After all isn't that why we send our children to academic school? It does not matter if your child desires to perform, or compete - what matters is the preparation that they receive on a daily/weekly basis, because when they stop dancing - for whatever reason - will they be satisfied? Most talented dance students never achieve their dreams because of a lack of proper training... like talented athletes who never get beyond high-school or the college-level. There are standards that are required to "make-it" and then there are those intangibles, all of which require significant preparation and training. At The Ballet Training Centre, our goal is to prepare your child, athlete or dancer, for their opportunity to become more than just a dream! Thank you for trusting us and allowing us to educate and train your student dancer and/or athlete!

Choreography by Karina S. Levy

World-Class Ballet/Dance Training for Central Iowa in Urbandale/Windsor Heights/Des Moines/Johnston...

Enrollment is always open, with Private Lessons and Coaching AvailableAlso Summer/Winter Workshops!

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Whether the student is an Enthusiast, or an Aspirant...

Every child deserves the opportunities that professional training provides...

At the Ballet Training Centre you can Learn with teachers, who were professional dancers, and have doors opened because you were trained properly;

You are prepared...

When you reach the end of high school, do you want to be ready for your dream to be reality,

or just hoping to make it?


The Training Centre:


Elite-Athlete Training


Skill-Enhancement with Injury Prevention Techniques for Athletes ! Youth through Adult for college and professional-aspirants!

Sport-specific training for gymnasts, golfers, figure-skaters, football, hockey, & soccer, swimming/diving, or any athletic endeavor that aims for excellence!


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A specialized service provided by The Ballet Training Centre that is sport-specific and designed to enhance the skills necessary for elite athletic performance!

View a letter of recommendation written by a former student and professional athlete.

​​Links to More YouTube Videos

featuring some excerpts of classwork and choreography/rehearsals with former students of The Ballet Training Centre.

(Most of the students, shown in these videos have had two-years of classical ballet training, or they found it necessary to significantly re-train, with Ballet Master Jonathon Levy, due to the level of insufficient and/or improper technique that they received and were taught prior to their taking lessons at The Ballet Training Centre.

Students in these videos have since received scholarships to attended both college dance-degree programs and/or professional-level training programs at professional (company) schools, including: Ballet Arizona, A.K. Lines Ballet/San Francisco, MODAS/New Mexico, Oklahoma City Ballet, Hubbard Street Dance Chicago/Summer Intensive, Cincinnati University Conservatory of Music - Dance Department, The Royal Welsh School of Performing Arts (U.K), Ballet West/Salt Lake City, and an 'invitation to audition' for the professional-aspirant full-year academic residential program at Canada's National Ballet School/l'École nationale de ballet du Canada, in Toronto.

We are very proud of all of our students, whether they have stopped dancing entirely, gone to college programs for either non-dance degrees or dance-related degrees, or have become professional dancers...

In addition to those listed above, our former students have danced with, and/or received scholarships to programs at: Bossov Ballet Theatre at Maine Central Institute, Barat College/Illinois, Western Michigan University, Illinois University, University of Iowa, Oklahoma City University, Northern Illinois University, Oklahoma University, College of Sequoias/California, (also a non-dance degree student at Purdue University), all of whom graduated with degrees, whether majors/minors in dance or dance-related fields-of-interest from those programs; many of whom also went on to pursue training at professional programs, several receiving scholarships to train at such prestigious schools as: the Broadway Professional Dance Studio/NYC, Milwaukee Ballet, North Carolina School for the Arts, Orlando Ballet Theater, Canada's Royal Winnipeg Ballet School Aspirant Program, Columbus Metropolitan Ballet, Chicago Ballet at Ruth Page Foundation, Central Pennsylvania Youth Ballet, Houston Ballet School, and many other pre-professional and professional oriented programs. Those who have danced professionally have performed with the following companies: St. Louis Ballet (Principal Danseur), Southern Ballet Theatre, Thodos Dance Chicago, Leipzig Opera Ballet/Austria, The Stuttgart Ballet/Germany, Canada's Royal Winnipeg Ballet, and Ballet Arizona (company corps-apprentice dancer).

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