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​Please scroll down to view photos of selected works. All the current sculptures, aquatint prints, paintings, jewelry, mosaics, sketches, and writings presented here are original works by the Artist, William D. Sturdevant [1922-2010].

This Virtual Gallery will update, and/or change the selected works for viewing at random and without notice.

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The William D. Sturdevant Memorial Art Lyceum is a subsidiary of Raccoon Valley Centre for the Arts. Its' primary mission is to preserve and promote the artistry and work of William D. Sturdevant; by providing venues for public exhibition, viewing, and the collecting of the Art that he produced during his life; and to promote the educational and historical significance of his life, and works as an Artistic Contribution to the public - for Iowa, American Regional Art, and the World, in general. The W.D.S. Memorial Art Lyceum will also promote and provide venues for artists of accomplishment and/or emerging talent to show their artistic contributions to the public at various times and in various ways dependent upon RVCA guidelines for exhibition.   

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If it were just... entertainment, we wouldn't call it ART! 

Sculptures by William D. Sturdevant

Aquatint Prints, Lithographs,

Jewelry, Mosaics, and other Works

by William D. Sturdevant


Paintings by William D. Sturdevant

The William D. Sturdevant Memorial Art Lyceum

Virtual Gallery

Providing public access to the Collected Artistic Works of William D. Sturdevant; and ensuring the legacy and historical significance of his artistry and work through public and private exhibition, and the select collecting of his works.

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Reproductions, Limited Edition Prints, and Collectable Posters are upon occasion offered to individual and/or Business/Corporate partners as a Thank You for Supporting Raccoon Valley Centre for the Arts and the W.D.S. Memorial Art Lyceum. This is usually retained for certain donations that are of a premium-level, and/or represent a significant commitment of financial support to the Centre.

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